Future built for the environment

Rapidwall is possibly the most environmentally friendly and cost effective building material known today.

Manufactured using plaster produced from natural or by-product industrial waste gypsum which is transformed into durable, load bearing Rapidwall panels suitable for high-rise, residential, commercial and industrial building construction.

Since we started in Australia in the early 1990s we’ve come a long way. Rapidwall homes and buildings are now being constructed around the globe.

Today in Rapidwall, we have a world class building system that has been earthquake tested, is cyclone and fire resistant, water and rot resistant, load bearing, termite resistant, sound proof and 100% recyclable. Simply stated it’s the best building material in the world.

Along the way we also discovered that the consistency of the quality of plaster around the world varied dramatically and to produce Rapidwall we needed a reliable source of high quality plaster.

This led us to develop and commission the Rapidflow Calciner, a new and innovative "fluid bed" design that today produces the best quality plaster in the world from natural, flue gas, phospho or chemical gypsum. This technology is available for sale to progressive, future focused organizations around the world.

Together, the Rapidflow Calciner and Rapidwall can help to overcome environmental problems by turning waste into plaster and the plaster into homes that are both environmentally friendly, non-polluting, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

With Rapidwall and our Rapidflow Calciner, Rapid Building Systems is now able to offer homes built from readily accessible materials and at the same time clean up the environment.

Our vision for the future – The Rapid Foundation

Although we’re involved in both technology and manufacturing, we are neither a manufacturing company nor a technology company in the literal sense of these words.

We’re a pioneering company that is customer-focused. Our clients’ and the people who use and sell the products we provide are at the heart of everything we do.

At Rapidwall we are dedicated to producing the most environmentally friendly housing in the world. So much so, that our vision is to help improve housing for the disadvantaged worldwide.

We want to give disadvantaged people and especially those living in the developing world conditions the opportunity to live in high quality, affordable housing.

With this firmly in our sights the company is soon to set up The Rapid Foundation. This Foundation will be funded from profits generated by Rapid Building Systems and will provide housing or housing solutions for disadvantaged peoples.