Rebuilding in fire ravaged Kinglake takes a leap forward

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Rebuilding in fire ravaged Kinglake takes a leap forward.

In February the Deputy Premier of Victoria, The Hon. Peter Ryan, MP, together with the Minster for housing, The Hon. Wendy Lovell, MLC launched this new Rapidwall, fire rated home, in Kinglake. 

The series of photographs shows the building site and the remains of a burnt out truck, not long after the fires destroyed the area, through the erection of Rapidwall, with the completed home below.


The walls were erected in a little over one day. 

The home, designed by Buckerfield architects, in conjunction Link Builders & Ezi-Rapid Solutions, was developed in response to the Victorian Government’s call to ‘Design and Construct’ a 3 bedroom, single detached house that would be affordable, well-considered in design, innovative, energy efficient (6 star rating) and meet the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL 40) standards.

Rapidwall was selected as a principal building product by The Victorian Government and Victorian Bushfire Reconstruction, Recovery Authority (VBRRA).

The home, which will become a display home, is expected to be completed and ready for viewing in mid October proving the effectiveness and efficiency of Rapidwall construction.