Rapidflow Calcination Plant - Kilmore, Victoria

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Rapidflow Calcination Plant - Kilmore, Victoria

Located also in Kilmore, the Rapidflow calciner is a new fluidized-bed, 10 tonne per hour gypsum calcination plant used to manufacture high quality plaster, plaster compounds and mining plasters. Positioned adjacent to the Rapidwall® plant, the Rapidflow Calcination plant will supply two tonne per hour of superior strength ß-plaster for the panel production.

The various special plasters produced in Kilmore have quickly gained wide market acceptance.

Through the production of higher quality plaster products, it is the company’s objective to become the leading manufacturer of plaster products. Our current products include: -

  • Coarse Mining plaster used by the mining industry.
    • Low-fines content;
    • High strength;
    • Easier to use
  • Casting plaster used for mouldings and decorative ornaments.
    • Superior finish of mouldings;
    • Highest strength casting plaster in Australia;
    • Easier to use;
    • Can be supplied with various setting times.
  • White Base-Bond used for flushing of Rapidwall® or plasterboard.
    • Required soaking is less than one minute;
    • Superior trowelling characteristics;
    • No gritty inclusions;
    • Lower than normal shrinkage;
    • Excellent to use with trowelling boxes.
  • White Cornice Adhesive used for fixing Rapidwall® or cornices.
    • Superior workability;
    • High suction and holding capabilities;
    • Stronger set.
  • RFC- White used for moulds in the ceramics industry.
    • Excellent working and forming characteristics;
    • Higher strength;
    • Higher achievable casting utilisation.
  • Other products include:-
    • White top-coat as a dry mix or wet mix in various bucket sizes;
    • Hard Finish Plasters;
    • Machine spray Plasters.
  • Special Products
    • If you have you have ever wanted a special plaster product that is currently unavailable in Australia, then please call us on (03)57820534 or email us at ; we can probably make it!