The Rapidflow Gypsum Calciner


The Rapidflow Gypsum Calciner is based on the fluidised bed concept that differs significantly from other fluidised bed calciner designs. It uses a unique process that allows the introduction of hot gases into the fluidised bed in a completely controlled manner.

While other calciners produce over and under burn because of different expansion and contraction rates, Rapidflow plaster particles are calcined at exactly the right temperature.

The Rapidflow Calciner is designed to produce consistently high quality Rapidflow plaster that is suitable for use in the production of the highest quality compounds, other high grade plaster products and in the manufacture of Rapidwall, plaster board and other materials for the building industry.

The most important aspect of the novel design features incorporated into the Rapidflow Calciner is the ability to produce a very high strength beta plaster.  Other aspects of the design provide enhanced versatility and economy of operation particularly in terms of the types of gypsum that can be processed.