The Rapidflow Calcination plant can be configured to produce plaster suit able for all types of plaster products including plaster compounds, self levelling flooring plaster, spray wall plaster and the like.

The Rapidflow calciner is capable of producing high strength plaster from natural gypsum and various industrial waste gypsums such as phospho-gypsum and flue gas gypsum and under normal circumstances, mixing these waste gypsums with natural gypsum during the production process is unnecessary.

As part of the Rapidwall plant, a Rapidflow Calciner installation enables the supply of consistently high grade gypsum plaster.   In such an installation the calciner would be sized for the expected demand of the Rapidwall plant which is normally 1.5 tonnes per hour per casting-table.

The Rapidflow Calciner design can be readily supplied between 10 to 30 tonnes per hour.