The Rapidflow Calciner technology was developed with the assistance of an Australian Federal Government grant designed to promote new technology and to manufacture product otherwise imported.

From the original prototype, the first commercial Calciner was successfully commissioned in March 2003 in Kilmore, Victoria (Australia). This plant is now producing over 10 tonnes per hour of commercial grade high-strength Rapidflow setting plaster. This plaster is used for the manufacturing of Rapidwall as well as for a range for specialised plaster products, like compounds for the plasterboard industry.

Two Rapidflow calciners, one 10 tonnes per hour and another 15 tonnes per hour operating with 10% free moisture have been designed to operate with 100% (industrial waste) Phospho gypsum  to supplying Rapidwall plants in India.  One of these facilities also has a 10 tonnes per hour, fully automated mixing plant, designed by Rapid Building Systems.

A further 15 tonnes per hour Rapidflow calciner (at 10% free moisture) is currently being installed in Cochin, India.

Similar plants are being considered in other parts of the world.