Rapidflow Plasters & Compounds

Why Rapidflow plasters are better

To manufacture high quality compounds it is essential to first produce consistently high quality plaster.

Prompted by this need and the lack of readily available commercial plasters of an acceptable quality in some countries, Rapid Building Systems, commissioned, designed, developed and built its first Rapidflow calcination plant in Kilmore, Victoria (Australia) in 2002. This plant produces over 10 tonnes per hour of commercial grade high-strength Rapidflow setting plaster.

Testing indicates that a Rapidflow calciner can consistently produce plaster that is of the highest quality in the world today.

It is consistently proven that beta plasters produced by conventional means (kettles, rotary kilns and the like) provide plaster at considerably lower strength than plaster produced in the Rapidflow calciner.

Gypsum is a material that is calcined at a relatively low temperature (150°C - 180°C).  To produce high quality plaster, continuous control of the process is essential. The Rapidflow calciner is fully automated and assures complete control over the process at all times.

all purpose plasterThe unique design of the Rapidflow Calciner prevents any material being subjected to temperatures in excess of that required for optimum calcination through a distributor design that keep the while bed of material in suspension. Under these circumstances there is no opportunity for material to settle out or partially defluidise and thus be subjected to over-temperature conditions.

A full explanation of the operation of the Rapidflow Calciner can be viewed here.


The Rapidflow Calcination plant can be configured to make all grades of plaster products and special plaster compounds.

  • Plaster for Rapidwall
  • Wall plaster
  • Plaster for Plasterboard
  • Self levelling floor plaster
  • Casting plaster
  • Ceramics plaster
  • Mining plaster
  • Plaster compounds including
    • Base Bond
    • Cornice Adhesive
    • Back Blocking Bond
    • Top Coat
    • All Purpose compounds
    • A range of DIY plasters and compounds