The Rapidwall Plant

the_rapidwall_plant_manufactuing_process A Rapidwall manufacturing plant comprises:

  • Plaster feed hoppers
  • Casting tables
  • Core-tables that insert and remove the plugs that form the cells in the Rapidwall panel
  • A travelling gantry or crab assembly that mixes and dispenses the plaster as well as the chopped glass-fibre rovings onto the casting tables, over which it passes
  • A Rapidcure drying oven used to cure the panels
  • A Rapidsaw for process panels to design specifications

Each Rapidwall plant is individually designed for local conditions.

One twelve metre long by three metre high by 124mm, cellular Rapidwall panel can be manufactured every hour from a single casting table. Manufacturing installations that comprise multiple tables will produce as many Rapidwall panels per hour as there are tables in use. One installation can have up to six casting tables.