Fire Resistance

The three figures in the right hand column refer to fire resistance periods for satisfying structural adequacy, integrity and insulation, respectively. Fire resistance levels marked with an asterisk are test results from previos 100mm Rapidwall panel tests. These results are deemed to be applicable to 123mm thick Rapidwall.

Copies of the fire resistance test certificates are available by request from Rapid Building Systems :

 DescriptionFire Resistance Level
Non-load Bearing Walls
Single leaf unfilled Rapidwall panel 180/120/60*
  Single leaf panel filled with Rockwool batts 180/90/90*
Load Bearing Walls
Single leaf panel filled with 12mm scoria aggregate 30/30/30*
  Single leaf panel filled with no fines scoria 120/120/120*
  Single leaf panel filled with 32MPa concrete 240/240/240*
  Double leaf panel filled with cellulose fibre inside the cores